2021-06-14 06:45:00


Energy pervades the cosmos, mankind continues to harness for ages. It is divine. Thermodynamics study of how energy works is very relevant to our way of life. British author C.P.Snow summed up excellently; 

  1. You cannot win (you cannot get something for nothing, cannot be conserved)


All living things, strive to survive in the world for a living. In the process something is achieved while, something is sacrificed. Introspect, we all find in our life, we could have done certain aspects of our past better than what we did and that leads the direction of our energy. Life is all about sacrifices to achieve one for another. 


  1. You cannot break-even (You cannot return to the same state, there is always disorder; entropy always increases)

A state of happiness in life; call it break-even, rarely we attain at all times. There were times, when we all want to go back in time to spend some parts of our life if not all of them. History cannot be re-written, only lessons learnt. This evolution process always creates disorder, some recognised, some respected, some opposed. The net result is increase in entropy. “Entropy predicts the direction of spontaneous processes, and determines whether they are irreversible or impossible, despite obeying the requirement of conservation of energy” Wiki. 

  1. You cannot get out of the game –(absolute zero is unsustainable) – call it Divine State.

This is where it gets interesting, this is the state of divinity and almost unsustainable. Theoretically it is zero kinetic energy state. Science and Philosophy are twin brothers. The sum energy of whole universe is zero kinetic energy, at least that is the belief of cosmologists. Generally, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so the sum of mass and energy is always conserved. 

Viewed from this back-drop; what is driving the economy and financial markets, there are clear messages. Notably, on the inflation which is being dumped as transitory. It really warns, when you create the energy of easy money, the first law states you cannot get something for nothing. Granted, that is for the living of few for the many. The second law surfaces, you cannot return to the same state, there is always disorder. This is the question that probes many;  while financial world is equally split. Third and most dangerous, is you cannot get out of the game. So where is the exit door please?  For now, sail with the first law ignore the second and third law till you are proved otherwise. Ignorance is bliss. What remains important is the sum of energy is constant at all times. Clearly suggesting be prepared to rotate your asset allocation at the right time, so the absolute levels remain constant. Call it Dharmo-dynamics of the material world. Respect the sector for what it is and follow its dynamics. Remember mass is positive energy, gravitation is negative energy. When the dust settles; all that is flying under this easy money will attract the gravitation and fall like feathers. Don’t confuse bubble of energy to bubble of markets. Stay tuned, Stay focused. 

Static-life always means static energy leading to lower places of concentration. No wonder freedom from thoughts and actions always direct the energy to higher levels of concentration. That is what gives birth to the “Quantum Trends” an initiative, to pursue unbridled scope for guiding and giving. This is affordable, applicable and achievable. This is the place of sharing and growing to next level of energy.