2022-07-24 04:20:00



                Tweeting, is the new speech and communication mode. Be it, former President Trump who went and created alternative one, or Elon Musk tweets and his adventure(mis) on acquiring Twitter. Back home, the tweets between ruling vs the opposition, latest being the Twitter DJ comments in the state of Telangana. They range from petty to pretty. Actor Madhavan, in one of the interviews said, the twitter population in India is hardly in low single digit; ignores them. Is there more meat here than what it means.

                Twitter is the new life line, Dove is the peace sign. Unfortunately they don’t meet. Flutter is an interesting one. For the geeks, it is Google open source UI software development kit to build cross plate form using single code. Flutter word brings the next beautiful insect butterfly which flies like a bird. Conventional laws of dynamics still not able to explain how at low speeds it is able to navigate forward, back-ward and side ways which the steady state of conventional aerodynamics cannot account for (Brookes, M., On a wing and a vortex, New Scientist). 

                Today the love for animals is growing. A welcome sign in deed!. We have started looking at Night sky and recognising our lost life, in search of gold on the ground. We are in full praise of our grand fathers for their wisdom and grand children for their love. We are critical of the recent past and recent future. We want to re-build, re-write. In the middle is what is all constructive destruction that we fail to recognise. Centuries ago, it was restrictive home, now it is restrictive world. It was freedom of expression at home, now it is freedom of expression in society. We surely have grown. We have begun to understand the love and affection from the animals be it dog, cat, cow or the birds. They speak, giggle, muse, guide and protect without conditions. What is sad is, we have forgotten human’s as rational animal. Probably the word rational is the culprit here. 

                Very few know, the chapter’s in Mahabharata which clearly describes the universe. It explains concepts of live and let live. It includes all species be it poisonous or the purposeful one’s. They exist for a reason. In most of the problem solving situations in Mahabharata, you would notice a story of the past is being narrated to follow what is needed to solve the present. It is no wonder, we are going back to loving the God’s creation, though it is setting the clock backward (inverse light travel).   

                The poetic saying, can a butterfly in Brazil really cause a tornado in Texas? At core level, it is the relationship of the atmosphere changes by fluttering. Edward Lorenz, the mathematician created a system to understand chaotic solutions of two adjacent ones. The model reflected the butterfly, just like the options sea-gull. This model is useful in predicting the non-linear real world problems, either the Tornado or Tracking the financial market behaviour. That brings two close objectives, one is the weather which is hot in most parts of the world (don’t blame the politics for this), and another, the hot and cold in the financial markets. Will solution in one brings solution in another? David Orrell, the Canadian Mathematician and author, in his book “The future of everything: The Science of Prediction” singles out the oversimplification of interaction of atmosphere and humidity impact. Replace humidity with interest rates, and atmosphere to inflation. 

                The over-expectation that FED would start cutting the rates and hence, recession is the best foot for the bulls. Today inflation is pervading factor. They are threatening the political establishments. They are seen differently by different countries, and differently by policy makers and economists. The only unifying factor is the man on the streets who is fighting hard for his survival. He is becoming, crowd funded David. These are no longer black swan events, they can be considered as butterfly events. They are happening around us, as we move to a stage of adjustment to acceptance. Chaos is more orderly and less understood Concept. Love the animal. But start with the rational animal in you. In between Twitter and flutter it is all just utter………………