"Unlearn – Learn - Earn."

Quantum trends is the sweat and dream of the team, who have nurtured, navigated and earned a name for themselves in their field of work. In a globalised environment understanding the inter-linkages between markets is paramount for measuring and managing the risk. There are no holy grails. The Team has experience in having traded in Currencies, Commodities, Interest rates and Equity (global as well as local). The sheer size of the participation would be beyond the imagination of many.

The combined experience of the team is more than 250 man years that includes many market cycles and crisis as well as policy changes. The experience also spans across PSU banks, Private Banks, Corporates, Consultancy houses, Brokerage firms, Mid-Office, Back Office operations, and last but not the least teaching.

With increase in Social Media, the self-propelling prophecy is at the root of all human behaviour. History is replete with these belief systems how they drive trends. History also reveals how these prophecy bring occasional exuberance to grinding halt. The sections of society that try to tap the financial markets now pervades many groups ranging from, institutions, policy makers, professional traders, retail investors, house wives and to the common man. While there is no dearth of information in this age; one always wonders what is right information. Unfortunately, modern life has no time to sit and analyse these what we destructive competition all around. Grab it some if not all attitude leaves wounds for some, scars for many. The truth remains there is no holy grail while we navigate the financial markets. Our endeavour is to navigate the market with no nonsense approach at all times and provide occasional sighting the probable 'black swan' and fore warn the participants. Our research and insights are based on wave structure of the market, fundamentals and behaviour analysis and they can be at odds with the ongoing market dynamics. As the saying goes "You can only profit from what you can potentially anticipate."

We really cannot forecast all that well. We pretend we can, but we can’t

- Alan Greenspan

While Knowledge can increase the awareness, it can often skew once perception. Right perception is more important than absolute knowledge. With the mushrooming of knowledge sources, the need to unwind faulty learning is more important than learning in the first place. Hence, the first motto Unlearn. The second motto comes about learning in the right way. The natural corollary is to Earn. This earning can be knowledge gain through education, financial gains through better money management or satisfaction through one’s own way of spending quality time.

We recognise growing to share and sharing to grow concept with continuous feedback as our seed back to the business. Once you are part of the Quantum trends you would start realising the importance of financial discipline as well as appreciating better money management skills to stay ahead of the developments.

Our courses cover vast area of Financial Markets spanning from Foreign Exchange, interest rates, equity, global indexes, commodities, Islamic banking,Derivatives of the underlying markets as well as helping the members preparing for any exam. We also have "Mentorship" program that would instil the skills and psychological set up that the traders need either as a group learning or tailor made classes.

The participants will be taught on areas of
- Understanding how the index work, sectoral allocation, stock selection using various approaches would be taught.
- Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and imparting Behaviour pattern in navigating the investment and trading styles.
** Fundamental Analysis includes understanding of the Macro Economy both Global andDomestic.
** Technical Analysis courses provides knowledge of Chartanalysis, (from basics to advanced) the power to money management, growing reliance of technical analysis, , a customised input to understand and analyse the markets, ability to avoid pitfalls and spot the opportunities.