Functional Audit-Consultancy

It is often that corporate management would desire to have a periodical MIS regarding their Treasury activity. In staying focused on business, marketing and finance related issues, treasury related matters often take a back seat; resulting in digression from the corporate risk policy and financial shocks.
We at Qu@ntumTrends can help conduct practitioners audit for corporates, on a periodical basis, as a management support system.
This would cover the following three areas:

  • • Banking compliance.
  • • Improving operational efficiency and
  • • Adherence to corporate risk policy.
  • • Having Second Opinion on the existing Audit Report.
  • • Having Second Opinion on the Structured Products offered by banks.
  • • Conducting Treasury Audit.

On a one-time basis a practitioner’s audit can also be conducted on the risk management system followed by the corporate – exposure capturing mechanism, benchmarking, hedging, exposure review, accounting and MIS.